Mission and Offers

The mission of the ARCE consists of the following: 

  • Help people balance their professional life with their children’s well being
  • Provide advice, assist, and research available possibilities that are best suited to the family and to their professional situation 
  • Promote inter-companies solutions
  • Develop Day Care places through private and/or public funding
  • Facilitate consultations for public and private partnerships
  • Engage a quality care for the children in creche or Day Care

We offer creative workshops and summer camps for children from 4 years old 

Study measures suited to your business

We conducted several surveys among companies and their employees to :

identify the difficulties of balancing work and family, to assess the needs of families, and to assess the number of spaces required for a company crèche.

We conducted this type of study for Firmenich SA Liebherr machines, Reuters, Sottas, TPG, and UCB SA Farchim.

In 2004, the following companies joined to Children Daycare service: Goldman Sachs & Co, Manufacture Roger Dubuis SA, Residence Jura and Sanofi. To date, more than forty companies have benefited from this service. We have since established a solid partnership with GEM member companies.

We offer an evaluation of existing services for the family (collective agreement, benefits, company bylaws, ect.), assistance in organizing childcare and a complementary selection of measures that are appropriate to your business running.

We also help companies under mandate on the implementation of measures for "work life balance", such as organising working time, job sharing. Exchanging experiences and good practices with members are also instructive.

Improvements in this field promote equality of opportunities between women and men in professional life, and as such, we have conducted projects with the financing departement of the federal Bureau of Equality.