Children Day Care Service

An advice bureau providing information on the various care facilities in the Western Switzerland and neighbouring France. 

A person develops his/her personality between the ages of 0 to 5. The Children Day Care service helps parents to find the most suitable Day Care for their children so that they can develop their personalities in a secure environment, and in the best possible conditions.


Children Day Care's Goal

Help parents balance their professional lives with their children's well-being

  • To provide advice and help parents find the most appropriate solution for their situation amongst existing possibilities.
  • To closely work with institutions and associations that are active in the field.
  • To create new care facilities through subsidies and/or the support of local projects.
  • To encourage joint projects between employers and/or other organisations, and to support partnerships with public bodies.
  • To partner other institutions.



  • To suggest quality care facilities compatible with the requirements of professional life.
  • To increase Day Care alternatives.
  • To work as part of a network with organizations that are active in the same field.



Our main activity is to help you find the following in the area of Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France

  • Nurseries
  • After-school activities
  • Childminders
  • Au pair
  • Babysitters
  • Emergency Childcare
  • Nannies



Our services are intended for companies of more than 50 employees, that have joined our association. Fees are set according to the number of employees.


NB: For individuals interested in the nanny service, contact us for membership fees.