Develop your own company creche or participate in the creation of a creche


The ARCE brings knowledge and skills based on experience in the sector of early childhood to the company and the municipality.

Providing creche facilities for employees' children is an ambitious goal that requires an initial in-depth study. 

Early childhood care is a much regulated field and in this context ARCE provides knowledge and skills based on experience. It is also a platform for discussion to promote models of partnerships to communes.

In addition to being an intermediary between the Swiss authorities and the company, ARCE also sets up a network for the company's day-care facilities (à ce jour 101 places entre GE et VD).

By joining ARCE, the company is assured to receive a high-quality support to facilitate the creation and also the coordination of creches.


Creche project study

In this preparatory stage, all procedures related to decisions are included in the annual membership dues to the association. In addition, the cantonal context, procedures and regulations in the field of early childhood are explained.

This step includes:

  • The creation of a preliminary draft to determine the main options and costs
  • Diffusion templates (financial  templates , implementation steps, cantonal procedures, co-financing, management templates ...)


Realization of the nursery

We support the implementation of the nursery (supervision and / or project management) linked with architects until the opening of the institution. ARCE recruit the necessary staff for the proper functioning of the day care center.


This step includes:

  • The concept and layout of the premises
  • Selection and implementation of furniture and games
  • Constitution of a legal entity carrier project
  • Funding demand from the confederation and potential municipalities,
  • Research local partnerships (municipalities, companies, ...) and setting conventions
  • Recruitment of staff and the Director
  • Request of opening authorization from the SPJ 
  • Regulatory development of the nursery
  • Determination of statutes, tariffs, insurance conditions

  • Information to employees and open enrollment


Nursery management

We offer our expertise in the management of the nursery.

  • Administrative management of the nursery
  • Drawing up the annual budget and bookkeeping
  • Places management network
  • Monitoring of registrations employees
  • Participation in committees and associations of early childhood
  • Assessment of the quality of services to families
  • Evaluation of the quality of services to families and satisfaction questionnaire
  • Mediation for parents

The cost is fixed according to the number of places to manage.

We advise to associate the management of the day care center with the service Children Day Care to meet the needs better of parents.

We suggest to combine the management of the nursery with Children Day Care service to better fit with parents' needs.