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In 1956, shortly after Elvis began to rise in popularity, Smith began jumping on stage and imitating Elvis. Dennis can recreate the songs, moves and looks from all Era's of Elvis' career, 50's, 60's, and 70's. His heavy show schedule of an average of 200 shows a year with tours in Colorado, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa in the past year alone proves that Dennis is the most sought . Caywood denies a report that she had her jaw restructured, which was likely more ODay hype: When another reviewer pointed out that Caywood wasnt a dead ringer, so to speak, for Joplin, ODay claimed she would have further work done to counter the criticism. "Michael Chapa, an Elvis impersonator who works in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, helped entertain more than 2500 of his relatives at what is believed to be the country's largest Hispanic family reunion "[14], There are also some Elvis impersonators who specialize in experimenting with gender, sexuality, race, taste and decency. Elvis taxa. James said that late one night, he was fooling around on his Fender guitar and using his Hammond organ pedals for a bass line and came up with what he thought was a catchy melody. EXCELLENT CONDITION, SIGNED SLEEVE SAYS, "SHIRLEY BEST WISHES, DENNIS WISE". What Danny is doing with his new idea is just not right, he told the Miami News. Then, he would move on to dead comedians, remaking people to resemble W.C. Fields and Abbott and Costello. "He was way ahead of the curve," says Jeff Pezzuti, founder of Eyellusion, responsible for recent. SUMMERS: So it is deep cuts and classics all weekend at the Birmingham Hilton. So O'Day moved on: to "Rock and Roll Heaven," a tour he dreamed up that would feature not just an Elvis, but Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jim Croce, too. But a lot of the nightclubs were afraid it was just a freak show. He says he was patched up after the assassination in Dallas, dyed black, and abandoned by Lyndon B. Johnson. Halfway through the [38], Des Perenara, a Maori Elvis comes from Auckland but is now based in Cardigan, Wales. What ODay himself dubbed his clone army only wound up fighting a few minor skirmishes: a handful of TV appearances, and gigs at clubs, state fairs, and casinos, earning enough notoriety to have possibly inspired not one but two Saturday Night Live parodies. Later that year, he was joined by the rest of the clone army for their post-surgery reveal on the daytime show America Alive! A few months after Elvis died Wise traveled to Little Rock, Ark., to audition as an Elvis tribute artist. There are even several radio stations[1][2] that exclusively feature Elvis impersonator material. Dennis Wise knows exactly where he was when Elvis Presley died Aug.16, 1977. In the Digimon Adventure anime, one of the main villains, Etemon has the character of an Elvis impersonator. He has every album Elvis ever recorded and pictures by the thousands. The author, professor of American Studies at the University of Virginia, has also written a long piece on Elvis impersonators and the EPIIA (Elvis Presley Impersonators International Association) to be published in his next book. I would see a morbid aspect if we were being crassly commercial in cashing in on dead people. Wise isnt totally focused on Elvis. If you cant read the first three lines on an eye chart, then I suppose physically he might fool you, he wrote of Croce, also pointing out that the clearest resemblance came by way of the bands non-altered lead guitarist, a dead ringer for Peter Frampton. In an episode of Due South, Season one, episode 10, "The Gift of the Wheelman", It's Christmas time and the police station is filled with Santas, elves and Elvises. By Clicking "OK" or any content on this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. In paleontology, researchers D.H. Erwin and M.L. [4][5], Contrary to popular belief, Elvis impersonators have existed since the mid-1950s, just after Elvis Presley himself began his career. Honeymoon in Vegas is a 1992 comedic movie which was directed by Andrew Bergman. Elvis impersonators are one of the most frequently booked look-alikes and tribute artists. The 24th season of the American adaptation of Big Brother featured Daniel Durston, an Elvis impersonator from Las Vegas, Nevada. He Used Plastic Surgery to Raise Rock Stars From the Dead, These Musicians are Supplying Ukraine With Drones, Burt Bacharach, Master Pop Composer, Dead at 94, New Bootleg Series Installment Maps The Long Road To Dylans Resurrection. international record is an honor shared only by Las Vegas entertainers His admiration for [58], Another Elvis of Samoan descent is Johnny Angel. When I heard that, it struck me as funny. But dad drove a truck and was gone all the time and so Mom always listened to Elvis records. The plan was scuttled when someone accidentally tossed out the whole mess. To this day, you can easily see tributes to ABBA, Rush, or Eighties and Nineties hip-hop. But for ODay, it probably didnt matter: He already had a bigger, grander, and wilder scheme in mind. This tribute to To make himself feel better about the idea, ODay ran it by his mother: What if his younger brother, whod passed away at 21, had been an entertainer and died and had been resurrected by way of plastic surgery? The international guide I am Elvis, for instance, contains "photos, repertoire, and personal testimonies that serve to materialize the phenomenon of Elvis impersonation and further institutionalize it, including female Elvii, child Elvii, Black Elvii, El Vez the Mexican Elvis, and scores of British, German, Greek and Indian Elvii. As a result, Sophia's wedding reception is filled with Elvis impersonators (one played by a young Quentin Tarantino)[30] instead of members of her own family, and Rose exclaims, "Either I got the Elvis list mixed with the guest list for the wedding or everyone in Sophia's family appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show!". audition for Wise as an Elvis Presley impersonator. More recent titles include photo essays, Living the Life by Patty Carroll and The King and I: A little Gallery of Elvis Impersonators by Kent Baker and Karen Pritkin. In later levels of Theme Hospital, patients arrive at the hospital suffering from "King Complex". From 1982 to 1984 he had a nightclub across the street from Graceland in Memphis. Last year, he earned $54 million, topping the list of dead performers who are still making money. Novelist William McCranor Henderson wrote about his attempts to learn the Elvis trade in, I, Elvis: Confessions of a Counterfeit King. RAINBOW UMAMI: a Queer Club Remix Series: Celebrating Somewhere Sounds: Download Free Sample Packs. It is cured by visiting a psychologist, who tells the patient how ridiculous he/she look[31]. He was a former dancer with a Polynesian troupe. He was on hand for the first year anniversary of Elvis' death at the Prince William County Fair in Manassas, VA on August 16, 1978. $52 million Amount the Elvis estate made in 2008, according to Forbes. And you have the fans who want to see that artist continue., ODay would never be on the level of Colonel Tom Parker, but he was something else entirely rocks own P.T. "[25] In her paper, "Women Who 'Do Elvis'", Case Western Reserve University researcher Francesca Brittan deals with female Elvis Presley impersonators and finds them to be "campy, cheeky, and often disturbingly convincing. All of a sudden, it started hurting real bad, Wise recalls. The two still performed in what tiny clubs they could, but one day a waitress told ODay, who was singing Kenny Rogers songs with another act, that he bore some resemblance to the Gambler growler. With more than 600 Presley tunes in his He recalls seeing cocaine backstage, and during a Tahoe drive, Gamble stocked his black Lincoln with a cooler of beer and some Jack Daniels and was, of course, pulled over by cops for some infraction. Infuriated, Gamble says he followed ODay back home to Florida to demand his money. 1970's Dennis Wise Enterprize ELVIS Impersonator jacket Men's Large satin look . Dennis Wise, 54, has been an Elvis tribute artist since before Elvis died (or allegedly passed on if you are one of those who believe he is in hiding). But that doesnt mean his interest in the King has waned. A few years later, Caywood and her then-husband, who was in the band, returned to the site, and there the pile remained, in all its mangled glory. It was in his blood, and I want to think it was the drinking that prohibited him from doing more with his life. For reasons that remain mysterious, ODay completely turned his back on show business and began working in sales for car dealerships in the greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C., area. [52], During the early 1990s, Sam Leilani from Reseda, L.A. made the news briefly. CKX, INC, which now owns Elvis Presley's estate, has full control including the grave of Elvis Presley and his family members along with his home Graceland in early 2008. It was amazing. Mom was the fan in the house. They bought us out as well. Wow your guests with a visit from the King of Rock and Roll! Organize, control, distribute and measure all of your digital content. Another popular theater event has been the "Elvis Story" over the last five years. O'Day's first foray into the world of tribute acts came in 1977, when he met Dennis Wise, who sounded close enough to Elvis that O'Day convinced him to go under the knife and have his nose, cheeks, and lips made to look more like the King's. king's untimely death at the age of 42. >LVLG "Heard Around Town" The first singer to go through the surgery was Elvis impersonator Dennis Wise; a former car salesman from Hawaii who traveled to the U.S. to try his luck as a tribute act. It wasnt Vegas, but it was close, and it came with perks, like all the alcohol and Perrier anyone wanted. My parents come to talk about our unique musical family. Following the transformation, he made his TV debut on Good Morning Americain early 1978. The two wound up singing covers in another band, poetically named Xerox, and before long, they became romantically involved. Ironically, the makeover would be inspired in part by Erin Rhyne, the female Elvis in Rock and Roll Heaven and the member of the troupe whod been the most damaged by it. Gary James' Interview With Elvis Impersonator Dennis Wise Dennis Wise made Page One news in papers across the country back in 1978 when he under went 6 hours of cosmetic surgery to re-construct his face to resemble Elvis Presley. This is a publicly distributed handout. Eddie is still performing mostly in bars or 6-star hotels, especially with Elvis impersonators. Since I was 5 Ive been acting like him he was kind of like a father figure to me because my dad was gone all the time. In the end credits of the episode, Mark sings the theme tune in the style of Elvis. I kind of took after him.. Guess where the money went? Wise wound up suing ODay for negligence (claiming his professional reputation has been damaged) and breach of fiduciary duty, demanding a minimum settlement of $2,500. Some people thought it was very bizarre, but people were interested in it from the standpoint of business.. Whether he knew it or not, ODay saw the future our future. It's only fitting that he would choose a career that pays tribute to the King of Rock and Roll. The group slogged on, hitting up clubs and nightclubs, until the next logical step in the traditional rock-band arc arrived a reunion tour. What followed was anything but conventional, even during an era, the Seventies, when genuine rock stars would pop up on campy network TV specials. In 1978 Wise went through extensive plastic surgery to make himself look more like Elvis. He was hired and began working at it full-time in November 1977. He has taken part in the Porthcawl Elvis Festival. After the tape was mixed, James and Chips flew to New York, where James's manager had contacts with Scepter Records. Bandstand.". A major post-mortem event in Elvis history occurred in Orlando on Jan. 31, 1978, when Dennis Wise underwent six hours of plastic surgery to look more like The King of rock 'n' roll. He appeared in episode 3 of the BBC Two Wales documentary, Cardigan Bay Coastal Lives. The original unaired pilot even had Johnny Bravo as a literal Elvis Presley impersonator. On "the thriving phenomenon of Elvis impersonators", see also Gilbert B. Rodman, Elvis After Elvis: The Posthumous Career of a Living Legend (1996). A fast and unbiased roundup of whats happening in the world today. Saturdays show will be a family affair. some memories. Palaios, v.8, pp.623624. She wouldnt let go, he chuckles. By 1977, the band found itself gigging in Arkansas, doing what their guitarist Jim Wise calls Stevie Wonder and disco stuff. ODay was also learning how to work the system. There we go. From a standpoint of being original and doing something that wasnt being done, I give him credit for putting his neck on the line. He could have made a killing in Atlantic City., Some involved in Rock and Roll Heaven wanted to forget it ever existed. The friendship between Nelson and Presley is documented in the book "Elvis in Texas". [21], Blackpool in the UK, features a busy Elvis wedding chapel[22] based at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, Queens promenade, where couples can have their wedding vows renewed by Martin Fox. Caywood had a small implant in her chin that just made it look a little more pointy so minor, like outpatient stuff., Gamble had the most minimal work done: The surgeon basically made a cut above his lip to make it look as if hed had surgery. Dean Vegas and Paul Fenech from Australia were also booked for the event. When I found out I was going to do this, I said, Well, enough of [health food], and I went out and had a cheeseburger with a shot of whiskey and beer. To dispel any doubts about the actual alcohol in her onstage bottle, shed pour some of it into the glasses of skeptical fans in the front rows, and watch as they gulped it down and realized they were drinking genuine Southern Comfort. Playwright Charlotte Jones' award-winning play "Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis"[32] opened 15 April 1999 at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton. Fans who wish to pay homage to the King of Rock n Roll might enjoy attending Wises annual show commemorating the passing of Elvis. Pop singer Bruno Mars, only six years old at the time, has a small role as a young Elvis impersonator. Droser in a 1993 paper derived from the Elvis impersonators the term Elvis taxon (plural Elvis taxa), which denotes a taxon that has been misidentified as having re-emerged in the fossil record after a period of presumed extinction, but is not actually a descendant of the original taxon, instead having developed a similar morphology through convergent evolution. He was popular in the South, but not so much around the rest of the country. Jack Singer, played by Nicolas Cage, encounters a group of "Flying Elvises" (skydiving Elvis impersonators) while trying to reunite with his fiance. We just sort of grew apart, she says with a sigh. Despite the media splash and countless articles that accompanied it, Rock and Roll Heaven didnt exactly rock the house when it launched. Dry-ice fog made a cameo, too. Way before celebrity holograms were a thing, concert promoter Danny ODay decided to pay tribute to dead musicians in the craziest way possible getting plastic surgeons to transform a group of tribute artists into clones of Elvis Presley, Jim Croce, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison for his conceived tour, Rock and Roll Heaven.. Elvis has spanned over forty years. Often, the shows would start with OConnell as Morrison, vamping through the Doors Light My Fire, Love Me Two Times, and Touch Me, before Hazebrouck came out with Croce hits like Time in a Bottle and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. After a brief intermission, the band launched into a stomping groove, and Caywood stuck her hand through a curtain holding a bottle of Southern Comfort before emerging feathers flying, she says and starting her Joplin set, which included Ball and Chain and Piece of My Heart. Then, Gamble would re-enter, karate-chopping his way through a medley of Elvis hits, before everyone reconvened onstage for a grand finale. After James' recording failed commercially, the song was handed to Elvis Presley by producer Chips Moman, becoming a number one song in 1969, and one of the most notable hits of Presley's career. Its got to be wrong. But in the current landscape, where dead pop stars seem as prevalent as living, breathing ones, Danny ODays outlandish vision remains open for business. (Blame it on the club owner, ODay said in response.) Decades before hologram tours, one rogue '70s promoter found another way to put Elvis, Janis, Jim Morrison, and other late icons back onstage. Rolling Stone later ranked it No. Cram him into brown leather pants and he might pass for the Lizard King. The voice, the lip curl, the jumpsuit he's a dead ringer. than 10,000 shows honoring the king. Millions of high-quality images, video, and music options are waiting for you. Even though James's recording initially had not been commercially successful, upon reviewing the song Elvis decided he could turn it into a hit. [40][41], Andy Stankovich is a well known Elvis impersonator from Auckland, New Zealand. The next night, they and a new batch of clones appeared onstage, and suddenly ODay was Kenny Rogers and Rhyne was looking a bit like Linda Ronstadt, then at the peak of her pop career. ", "Arkansas Libertarians select candidates lineup; Elvis Presley among nominees", Kiwi Elvis impersonator to take on the Aussies, This man makes snake anti-venom by day and is Ceredigions only Maori Elvis tribute artist by night By Rachael Misstear, Andy Stankovich is Elvis for six New Zealand shows - Courtney Martin, 5-B Mr. Fatu And The Coastal Connection At Colonial Inn, Page 14/LA GACETA/Friday, June 9, 2006 . This has seen some impact on what Elvis impersonators and contests have on the media and marketing industry. [33] A humorous example of mathematical extrapolation posits that if the growth of Elvis impersonators continued at the rate it did since 1977, by 2043, all humans on earth would be Elvis impersonators. James felt it was a confusing time for him and that all three were caught in this trap that they could not walk out of. They wanted the whole property to themselves.. Francesca Brittan, "Women Who 'Do Elvis': Authenticity, Masculinity and Masquerade", published in the. [39] His day job is at BGT Laboratories in Ffostrasol, which makes antidote products including snake anti-venom. The first known Elvis impersonator was a young man named Carl 'Cheesie' Nelson from Texarkana, Arkansas, who in 1954 built up a local following on WLAC radio with his renditions of "That's All Right, Mama" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky." Siegfried & Roy, and Wayne Newton. ODay heard about a local Florida band whose lead singer, Jesse Gamble (then Jesse Bolt), was a good Presley mimic, and even already owned a blue jumpsuit. 2.9K views, 40 likes, 10 loves, 16 comments, 11 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from WiseDrums: So twice a year I play drums for my father Dennis Wise who's been an Elvis Presley tribute artist since. Just as he arrived, ODay was hauled off to jail for being behind on his child-support payments. O'Day made sure there was fanfare around itWise recalls exiting the plastic surgeon's clinic in a wheelchair to find "100 people from the press all over the world taking pictures. My mother has been singing with him for j. He spent years touring the U.S., living a rock and roll lifestyle while playing his favorite music. Dennis Wise began listening to Elvis at the tender age of 5, often belting out his favorite song "Heartbreak Hotel." His tribute to Elvis turned professional just one year after the. Dennis Wise - King for a Night - A Tribute to Elvis Presley Las Vegas Entertainment. This fabricated myth was featured as a news item in the Weekly World News, and has been misunderstood to be factual by people who do not realize that the Weekly World News is well known to publish outlandish and often unbelievable articles. Dennis Colt, the first famous Elvis impersonator, circa 1978. Original faux-Elvis Dennis Wise practices post-surgery with promoter Danny ODay, 1978. Sight unseen, always. And just like ODay, each was hungry for recognition and success, a very different type of American dream. All rights reserved. Thanks to an unstable household his mother had several husbands ODay eventually left home for California, where he hustled his way into other bands. All Rights reserved. In Many Shapes and Colors: King's Spirit Infuses Multicultural 'Elvi' - Trin Yarborough, Page 1 Elvis devotee ready to perform - Stephen Forbes, Samoan Elvis sings his last, Alphonso Keil dies, Talking with an Angel, Page 1 - 4, By Ruth Jackson, 20,000 for one day Elvis Festival in New Zealand by Gail Bartley, Thousands 'all shook up' at Auckland's Elvis in the Gardens - TARANNUM SHAIKH, Pasifika programme Sunday 13 March, Sunday programme, > Samoa, 2.10pm Elvis of Samoa, "Hong Kong legend 'Melvis' dead at 68, local branch of International Elvis Presley Fan Club says", Warren makes time for grandson by Stuart Michael, LIFESTYLE, Tony Warren still rocking by Sonja Mustaffa, From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas to Memphis, Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, Amazing Grace: His Greatest Sacred Performances, Command Performances: The Essential 60s Masters II, Suspicious Minds: The Memphis 1969 Anthology, The King of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50's Masters, From Nashville to Memphis: The Essential '60s Masters, Walk a Mile in My Shoes: The Essential '70s Masters, Peace in the Valley: The Complete Gospel Recordings, The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis,, Articles lacking reliable references from June 2020, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 13 February 2023, at 00:58. In Civilization II, the "Attitude" Advisor in the player's "High Council", who advises on the peoples' happiness, is an Elvis Presley caricature, depicted wearing sunglasses even in the Ancient period. In an episode of Married with Children, the character Peggy Bundy claims to have seen Elvis at a mall, prompting a large number of Elvis impersonators to come to her home so she can share her "experience.". Elvis Presley: The King's best impersonators. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. I was a small kid growing up in Joplin, Mo., he says.