Not to be mentioned is BS. This is no small achievement. But by doing that they often left their head open, which was a perfect opportunity for Iron Myke to land the knockout blow. The only four-time heavyweight world champion in boxing history, Holyfields victory over Riddick Bowe and wins over Mike Tyson, in particular, more than illustrate his warrior footprint in the sport's lore. Twenty-five consecutive title defenses more than imprinted Louis as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Max Baer, Max Schmeling, James J. Braddock and Jersey Joe Walcott all felt Louis wrath. 29 Bob Fitzsimmons. Ferocious. Then he just waited for his opponents to take the bait, so he can counter them with a short lead hook to the head. Even I know THAT! As Joe liked to say, Nuff said.. Jack Dempsey (1914-1927, 59-6-9): 146.7, 29. Whoever made this list is a Damm fool if you dont put Mike Tyson either 2 or 3 and to not even have Evander Holyfield on the list but Lennox Lewis have to be the dumbest people ever.I mean ever, Youve got to be the dumbest. Many fans think his style was boring, calling it jab and grab. No Holyfield? Ali was definitely the most famous but also the most successful out-boxer. Among all the professional boxers in the world, the following 30 can be considered the best boxers of all time. March 3, 2023 8:50 am ET. He is not the greatest because he wasnt a role model. Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr. is also one of the larger fighters on this list. For example against Sonny Liston, he was moving a lot, making him miss and countering him. If only Cus would have lived ten more years I think Tyson would be top 5. George Foreman (1969-1997, 76-5-0): 233.3, 19. Still, the fact he beat Holyfield, Tyson, Vitali Klitschko, David Tua, Razor Ruddock and more says it all. 49-0! So, after we made that clear, its time to dive into the rankings: Jack Dempsey was a heavyweight champion for 7 years (from 1919 to 1926). Look at the fear Tyson compounded with ferocious punches for Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Frank Bruno and Donovan Ruddock to name a few amidst his reign of terror during the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s. This is the website where I share everything Ive learned. Thats because he has knockout power, especially with his right hand, but he wasnt effective at all when he needed to fight at a close range. He spent five years of his prime in jail and then people fought him. Show some respect. Id probably say Tommy Burns, a good but small heavyweight from whom he took the crown. So I know it reasonably well. Simply, he beat more great heavyweights than any fighter before or since. The Jeffries fight was a huge event, but I didnt think this a popularity contest and I dont know how to explain that a 6-year retired ex-champion could be considered one of a guys best wins. Rocky Marciano A staggering 49-0 record 43 of which by knockout and counting wins over the likes of Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles and Archie Moore, Marciano was among the most feared heavyweights of all time. This is supposed to be joke right? At a long distance,Archie Moore was using the basic boxing guard and stood in an almost sideways stance. Famous fight:Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard. He was very precise with this counter. He beat everyone and won all the belts. Tyson took the title in a lackluster period after an admittedly STRONG early run but gave out fast. They werent expecting him to generate such power from such short-range, which caught them unprepared. His style relied mostly on footwork, speed and timing. Scoring a pair of second-round TKOs of Joe Frazier and Ken Norton are a sample size of how terrifying Foreman was in his era. He ducked Shavers, Lyle and even an old Sonny Liston. Plus, he's the only heavyweight world champion to have finished his career undefeated. Belcher, a 15-fight UFC veteran, wrapped up his MMA career after a loss to Michael Bisping in April 2013. 1. He was also a very intelligent boxer, who was able to adjust his style according to the different opponents. Liston 13. Fury has made a case to be considered one of the best heavyweights ever, but just how good is he? Any ranking also shouldnt be about which boxer beats which in some fantasy fight. Which actually was a really effective strategy he beat both those guys. As I already mentioned, with the drop step, Dempsey was able to hit really hard, regardless of the distance he did that from a long-range but also in the clinch. The Ring magazine ranked him the No.53 of the 100 greatest punchers of all time. But when the other boxers came close to him, he transitioned to a crossguard so he can defend both his body and his head effectively. Ali used this counter while he was circling to his left and jabbing his opponent. And both components of his fighting game have been on display in all three of his fights against Deontay Wilder one of boxings biggest punchers of all time and his unanimous decision points win over Wladimir Klitschko. Mike Tyson W: 50 (44 KOs), L: 6, N/C: 2 Best win: KO1. Harry Wills: Vastly underrated today, its easy to forget that for a time in the 1920s The Black Panther was the best heavyweight in the world, and there was great demand for a showdown with official world champ Jack Dempsey, but it never came to be. He became a national hero at a dark time during the nation's history and a symbol of anti-Nazi sentiment leading into World War 2. A three-time world heavyweight champion, Lewis outpointed Evander Holyfield (essentially twice), laid Mike Tyson flat on his back via a devastating knockout and let Vitali Klitschko know that hes not to be messed with as part of his polished resume. 12. They usually, stay at a mid-range, in position dangerous for both for them and for their opponents. Holyfield was only person fought well with tyson in his prime. Power, toughness, and unsurpassed conditioning were Rockys calling-cards, along with a brutal relentlessness which no one in his era could withstand. The first black heavyweight champion was a flamboyant, controversial character but in the ring he was a scientist. It was avenged in devastating style: two minutes and four seconds of violence that left Schmeling with broken bones in his back. No way. Tyson ADMITS he bit EH (classy) out of frustration not knowing what to do when he knew hed lose). Joe Louis won his first world heavyweight title in 1937 and held that title for . Many boxers thoughtthat this makes him predictable and easy to deal with. Michael Hunter. His defense was just as impressive as his offensive skills. Smokin Joe was an absolute buzzsaw. The boy from Catsville New York is the second greatest. Signature technique:Slip the jab (outside) -> Right overhand. 26 Eder Jofre. Evander Holyfield 7. Prison? Thats a really effective combination, especially when fighting against someone fast and slick, who like to move his head a lot. Joe Louis: Deadly power, astonishing timing and accuracy, and an amazing 25 defenses of the heavyweight crown make The Brown Bomber one of the greatest boxers who has ever lived, at any weight. Cleveland Williams (1951-1972, 80-13-1): 186.6, 21. At 18, he won a Gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics. Frazier was a very carefully managed fighter who could not win against power punchers. Having held the world title for seven years, his late career comeback saw him defeat Ray Mercer and almost upset Oliver McCall. His numbers speak for themselves: he got to 48-0 and 20 title defences before finally tasting defeat - controversially - to Michael Spinks when Holmes was closing in on his 36th birthday. Wheres mike Tyson? Journeyman Leroy Caldwell fought many of the best heavyweights from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. Zora Folley (1953-1970, 79-11-6): 134.3, 35. Sonny Liston, Floyd Paterson (twice), Foreman, Frazier (twice), Norton (twice) and many more hall of famers around that. And if his opponent was a fastout-boxer, who liked to move a lot, Foreman usually pressured him against the ropes where he nullified his opponents speed advantage was nullified. Holmes was completely washed up-way past his prime. Signature technique:Left hook -> Right Cross. With his 25 title defenses,Klitschko has one of the longest title reigns in the heavyweight division. Jersey Joe Walcott (1930-1953, 50-20-1): 261.7, 16. The Fight of the Century in March 1971, when he handed Muhammad Ali his first loss, was proof of that. They plant their feet so they can generate as much power as they possibly can. Joe Louis The brown bomber, was a mix of several boxing styles. Leave Iron Mike out, Mike Tyson Likely Deserves Mention For His Impressive Wins Over Numberous Belt Holders Including Larry Holmes Trevor Berbick Frank Bruno James Bone Crusher Smith Bruce Seldon Michael Spinks Tony Tubbs And Tony Tucker. Johnson never granted a title shot to another African-American boxer - maintaining the odious colour bar during his six-year reign - but he was ahead of his time in the ring. No one could take him, bigger fighters were not given the room or the time to punch. Tyson at 12 is good. Holyfield I choose him because hes very contemporary to MT) doesnt talk trash. None of the fighters listed knocked out opponents the way Tyson did with speed and fury!!!! Larry Holmes: An awesome jab, a dangerous right hand, tremendous heart, and astonishing recuperative powers were among the attributes The Easton Assassin brought to the ring. 16 Reasons why Lebron is greater than Jordan. He was good everywhere, no matter if he was fighting from the inside, or from a long distance. Tyson makes lists because he talked trash with alacrity and had an unbelievable EARLY (ultra early) great run. After winning the world light heavyweight title in 1968 after beating Dick Tiger with a 4th round knockout. Hasim Rahman (1994-2014, 50-9-2): 115.1, 46. Ken Norton. The style he developed required goodhead movement and timing. Ali is a three-time heavyweight world champion and is widely considered the best boxer of all time. Lennox Lewis 11. Big George knocked the hell out of Frazier twice and Smoking Joe is ranked over Foreman? Alexander Povetkin (2005 - present, 35-2-1): 148.3, 28. He was known for his deadly hitting power throughout his famous boxing career. Haha he was falling all over the place, shaking his head like the little bitch that he was!! Had three fights with Ali. Sonny Liston: In the late 50s and early 60s Liston devastated the division with knockouts over Cleveland Williams, Nino Valdes, Roy Harris, Zora Folley and Eddie Machen, before taking the title from Floyd Patterson in 1962. Other Links > Boxing > Top Ranked Ranked Boxers by State Visit Our Patreon Page to Create Your Own All-Time Fantasy Teams and See Other Bonus Material . I take Lennox Lewis by knockout in later rounds. But strictly off resume, he belongs closer to the bottom of this list than to the top. To be The Greatest, Ali needed rivals to push him and Frazier was one of his best. (Legal and Illegal Clinching). Click Agree to accept our use of cookies or you can choose to opt out of our use of cookies by following the instructions in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice. Frazier is the only man to defeat Muhammad Ali when he was anywhere close to his prime. Dominant wins over Eddie Machen, George Chuvalo, Jimmy Ellis, Oscar Bonavena, Doug Jones, Bob Foster, Buster Mathis, Jerry Quarry and Joe Bugner prove the point. His jab wasnt the usual fast and snappy jab that most of the boxers are using. Nicknamed The Greatest, he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sporting figures . Cant believe some of these comments! Posted below are the top 50 heavyweight boxers of all time. Wills 16. 17 Reasons why Jordan is greater than Lebron. Two comeback fights, when he was pushing 40, spoiled that record - but nothing can change the fact that he is indeed The Greatest. And they are similar in age so how can you talk about their primes? Ive read a couple of bios and researched that era. Often titled the greatest boxer of all time, Leonard was also regarded as "Boxer of the Decade" back in the 1980s. And not only that but also his hands were huge. It was fast and precise but also very powerful. Oliver McCall (1985-2019, 59-14-0): 121.6, 40. He destroyed Holmes. 10. When it comes to the best heavyweight boxers of all time, the name Larry Holmes shines brighter like the sun. Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images. A staggering 49-0 record 43 of which by knockout and counting wins over the likes of Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles and Archie Moore, Marciano was among the most feared heavyweights of all time. Greatest of all time, Rocky Marciano. Nor did he obliterate a mediocre Tony Tucker, both title fights in 1987. Rocky Marciano (1947-1955, 49-0-0): 692.2, 2. Marciano 4. A thunderous left hook, relentless work ethic and an awkward pressure-fighting style: Smokin Joe was a force of nature. Lennox Lewis: Defeats to Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman, both of which he avenged with emphatic wins, do not obscure the fact that Lewis was the dominant heavyweight of the 1990s. When the going got tough, Tyson had problems. Greatest Heavyweight Boxers of All Time. Ali is also consistently ranked among the greatest athletes of the century.
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